8 Notes For Recent Grads

Hey recent graduates, check out this collection of reflective notes from the archives:

stress vs reality

On Strategy, Stress, & Uncertainty

Create Your Personal SWOT Analysis

“In a SWOT analysis, organizations identify their strengths, their weaknesses, opportunities that, if taken advantage of could increase their ability to live out their mission, and threats that could limit or prevent the continuance of their work.

Organizations do this kind of work all the time, and you know what? So can we.”

7 Productive Ways To Manage Yourself When Times Get Rough

“The stresses of life can sometimes cause conflict within us internally, and externally in our work and relationships. Although some things may truly be beyond our control, exercising some control over how we respond can be useful in helping us to deal with, and work through challenging times.”

Take The Step That’s In Front Of You

““Life, like walking is a controlled fall. For a brief moment one foot hangs in the balance, trusting that it will land on something solid. Take the step that’s in front of you. You dont’ need to have all the answers. The best thing you can do for yourself and for your future is to take the step that’s in front of you.”–Levar Burton

Sincerity & Humility as Credibility

“Let your sincerity be your credentials”

Sometimes, It’s Good Things Don’t Work Out

“Sometimes it’s good that things don’t work out. What we really need might be just around the corner. In fact, the process of getting to “that place” could serve to prepare us for what’s to come.”

There’s Room For Us All In This Work

“There are many paths that lead to the same destination. There are many ways we can take part in making the world a better place.

No matter what your talents are, no matter where your passions lie, there’s a place for you to do what makes you come alive.”

Changing Directions

“It’s okay to take a detour. It’s okay to change directions. And when we do change, it’s important to remember that our stories don’t have to end at the roadblock, and what currently appears as an impassable wall, will become much smaller over time.”

When Your World Grows, Things Change

“On the importance  of expanding our world. Even thought it might seem like our whole world might be ending, there’s another side.”


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones, MSW, LLMSW



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