“No Rights Which The White Man Was Bound To Respect”

So just to be clear, ‪#‎iftheygunnedmedown‬ the burden would be on my family and friends to prove why I should have lived. Is that what we’re doing? Are those what the rules are? Got it.

“Because I’m desperately trying to figure out what year this is, and my math is just not adding up to what’s actually taking place….because history is telling me that I shouldn’t be surprised…because the criminal injustice system is doing exactly what it’s designed to do…because “A system cannot fail those it was never built to protect.”

—-From How Does It Feel To Be A Problem

Felt the same way about Trayvon and others, and I’m feeling it again tonight as I think of Michael Brown.

How many times will America need to look itself in the mirror before it actually sees its true reflection? First, it has to get a mirror.


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW, LLMSW



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I’m a Social Justice Educator and Aspiring Humanitarian who is interested in conflict resolution, improving intergroup relations, and building more equitable and inclusive communities.

“Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian” is my blog, where I write about issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. By exploring social identities through written word, film & video, and other forms of media, I hope to continue to expand and enrich conversations about social issues that face our society, and to find ways to take social action while encouraging others to do so as well in their own ways.

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