Reader’s Share: “Discrimination and Dollars”

Today I was contacted by one of my readers who had just finished reading one of my previous posts about racial discrimination in the workplace. He was inspired to reach out to me and share an infographic about another type of workplace discrimination: Gay and Transgender employment discrimination.

It compares the “economic costs of discrimination to the financial benefits of fairness”

An InfoGraphic: Discrimination and Dollars

As I’ve written before, “Sometimes our fears and misunderstanding of others can cause us to think, feel and act (consciously or unconsciously) in ways that work against our own self-interests. While we may think that we’re holding onto something for ourselves, in limiting the capacity of others, we lose as a society collectively.” I think this infographic is a good example of that.

Grace & Peace,

From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW



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