From Dr. Z Nicolazzo: Trans* Studies in Higher Education Syllabus

Put another way, cisgender people continuing to ask me and other trans* people this question is, at its best, a manifestation of cisgender privilege.  At worst, it makes clear the complete sense of disinterest cisgender people have in using the research, resources, and literature trans* people and our accomplices have already given our lives to producing.  What’s more, this lack of engagement and lack of investment is often couched in the language of “wanting to do better,” and having an “ongoing investment in equity and diversity.”  The non-performative nature of these statements is profound, particularly when it comes from people, organizations, and institutions that have only begun to think about trans* people when forced to do so through resistance, draconian laws, and/or other measures.  

Because I and other trans* people are tired of answering this question, I have generated the Trans* Studies in Higher Education Syllabus.  Whilst I understand the potential irony of doing so (this syllabus could very well be seen as a comprehensive answer to a decidedly problematic and oppressive question), I have begun this syllabus as an act of resistance for and alongside my trans* kin and our accomplices.  I also sincerely hope people will use the syllabus, and this will reduce the amount of cisgender people who feel the need to ask what they can do to learn about trans* populations, as if: (1) we haven’t always already been in your midst; (2) empirical, affirmative-based research has not existed for quite some time; and (3) cisgender people should take it upon themselves to answer their own question rather than requiring trans* people to do the (additional unpaid) labor for them.”

— Dr. Z Nicolazzo 

Visit the document: Trans* Studies in Higher Education Syllabus


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones

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