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As you may know if you’ve read one of my previous posts, I’ve been partnering with–a professional networking community for Social Work and other helping professionals. I love the collaborative vibe that it represents, and one of the things that I really appreciate is that when I visit the blog page, I can read blog posts written by helping professionals from a variety of backgrounds, on a variety of topics.

Here are 5 selected pieces that I think you should check out.

Why The Holidays Don’t Always Bring Cheer by Christine M. Valentine, LCSW

“December is a time of year that many individuals look forward to because of the holidays. Whether it is celebrating traditions, being around family and friends, or shorter work weeks–for the most part people enjoy this month. And while for many, this time of season is considered festive, fun and cheerful, for others, it can also be anxiety-provoking, depressing, and emotionally exhausting….”

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Grief and Grieving by Victoria Brewster, MSW

“Everyone grieves differently, for different lengths of time, and will go through the stages at a different pace…As helping professionals, we must be comfortable with this issue in order to offer the best assistance to our clients …”

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Have you “Googled” Yourself Lately? by Ellen Belluomini LCSW

“Google brings up everything to the personal, so I keep everything professional and positive. Be aware of what you are posting, on which sites, under what names…social networks are all up for exposure…”

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Learning New Things! by Daniel Jacob, MSW

“One of the driving influences that I bring into my model of service is the need for self work. When you are able to work toward progress, improving and expanding your experiences, awareness, and so much more, this leads toward valuable growth and development that not only impacts your personal self, but your professional practice and ability to facilitate change for those in need…”

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Do Non-Profits Get in The Way Of Social Change? by Rachel L West, MSW, LMSW: The Political Social Worker

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Updated regularly, these posts and more can be found on‘s blog. You may even see some writing from yours truly from time to time. Visit Socialworkhelper, learn what it’s about and join the community.

Grace & Peace,

From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW



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