Race, Education, Religious Oppression, Healthcare For Queer Patients: 5 Articles I’ve Been Reading This Week

From Fusion: Do No Harm: Queer Patients And The Med School Closet

“I’ve had doctors try to convince me that being queer would jeopardize my health, or that they really didn’t understand enough about my ‘lifestyle’ to treat me.

Recently, a friend of mine wasn’t allowed to have her partner stay in the ER with her, even though a slew of straight couples were allowed to do the same.

Specialized care is often even harder. For many of us, the search for a respectful chiropractor, therapist, or other provider usually feels like a unicorn hunt.”

From Church And State: Retired Priest: “Hell” Was Invented By The Church To Control People With Fear

“I grew up in that tradition. Every church I know claims that ‘we are the true church’ – that they have some ultimate authority, ‘We have the infallible Pope,’ ‘We have the Bible.’…

The idea that the truth of God can be bound in any human system, by any human creed, by any human book, is almost beyond imagination for me.”

From The New York Times: The “Benefits” of Black Physics Students

“Black students’ responsibility in the classroom is not to serve as “seasoning” to the academic soup. They do not function primarily to enrich the learning experience of white students.

Black students come to the physics classroom for the same reason white students do; they love physics and want to know more.

Do we require that white students justify their presence in the classroom? Do we need them to bring something other than their interest?”

From The Atlantic: The Plight Of The Black Academic

“For faculty of color, similar processes are frequently at play. In fact, predominantly white colleges and universities may even be more reluctant to recruit and hire faculty of color than students of color.

While students matriculate at an institution for a short period of time and then leave, the tenure system means that faculty of color may remain at a university for decades, even a lifetime.

With this longer time frame, these professors develop more of a stake in the school, and may be more empowered to push for the reforms many colleges resist.

For universities that see no real reason to change their existing practices, traditions, and organizational cultures, bringing in a critical mass of faculty of color is often a stated goal that never materializes.”

From Sofia Ali-Khan: Dear Non-Muslim Allies: Now Is The Time To Stand Up And Defend Your Fellow Citizens’ Human Rights


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones, MSW, LLMSW



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