Resources for Processing “Get Out”

Whether you’ve seen it or not at this point, “Get Out” is not a piece of media that should be consumed without discussion and reflection.

Get Out Syllabus

Dr. Crystal Boson is currently engaged in constructing a Get Out Syllabus over at The Academic Expat.

“The “Get Out” Syllabus focuses intently on the conversations surrounding White violence, the consumption of Black Bodies, and the erasure of Black Women that the movie elicits. The syllabus is divided into two parts; the first  closely examines the historical and cultural violences that made the movie possible. The second section examines the absences and erasures that make sections of the film explicitly more horrifying. My “Get Out” syllabus is in no way meant to be exhaustive or complete. Rather, it is an entry to point to key conversations that must be continued after the movie falls from theatres and our current popular culture attention span.”

—Dr. Crystal Boson

Learn more by visiting the Get Out Syllabus.

More Articles for Processing Get Out

I’m a member of BLKSAP, The Black Student Affairs Professionals group on Facebook, where Alexandria White, a fellow group member shared a collection of articles she found that analyze the film in hopes that they could be used as an educational tool.

Why “Get Out”, A Movie About Anti-Black Racism, Had An Asian Character

Get Out Perfectly Captures The Terrifying Truth About White Women

15 Easter Eggs From “Get Out”

“Get Out” Is Challenging Perceptions of Black Masculinity

“Get Out” Takes Cultural Appropriation To The Cultural Harvest Level

The Hidden Swahili Message in “Get Out” the Country Needs to Hear

More Articles

As Alexandria’s sharing continued, more people were inspired to share. This last burst contains some additional think pieces for discussion on the film.

In “Get Out”, the Eyes Have It

“Get Out Proves That “Nice Racism” and White liberalism Are Never to Be Trusted

Get The Fuck Outta Here: A Dialogue on Jordan Peele’s Get Out

Why Get Out Is Deeper Than You Thought

22 Things You May Have Missed in Get Out

Why Get Out is the Best Movie Ever Made About American Slavery

I’m Black. My Wife is White. We Saw “Get Out”. This Was Our Conversation Afterwards

The Most Overlooked & Underrated Characters in “Get Out” are Black Women

The 10 Most Dangerous Types of Supposedly “Cool” White People

“Get Out”: What Black America Knows About The Sunken Place


If you’ve seen “Get Out”, let me know what you thought of it. If you have additional resources that could be helpful with processing the film, share them in the comments.


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins-Jones

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