Do the "tools" you use build up, or tear down?

Men’s Non-Violence Educator Shares Resources to Engage Men in Gender-Based Violence Prevention Work

Do the "tools" you use build up, or tear down?

Men have an important role to play in teaching boys and other men healthy ideas about masculinity. It’s important to acknowledge that we’ve all been given, and use certain tools and strategies to help us solve problems and resolve conflicts.

However, do the “tools” we use serve to build up and repair, or tear down and destroy our relationships, ourselves?

In a world that values what is considered masculine and subjugates what is considered feminine, men must constantly evaluate and re-evaluate their thoughts and actions, as closer examination can make it necessary to discard some tools or strategies for dealing with conflict, and gain some new ones that are more aligned with non-violence, equity and parity in relationships.

On his blog, Non-Violence Educator Emiliano C. Diaz De Leon shares 20 useful videos that can be useful in encouraging self-evaluation in men for the purpose of examining notions of masculinity, and preventing gender based violence.

“Now that you’re well into another busy school year of working with men on college campuses, military bases, athletic teams, places of worship, etc., I thought it would be a great time to share my collection of videos that I use on a regular basis in my work to train prevention workers on strategies to engage men in gender-based violence prevention work.”


I’ve selected 5 videos from Emiliano’s post to share here, but make sure you visit Emiliano’s site for the other 15. As you go through these, think about the “tools” that you’re using and what happens as a result of your use of them.

Man Prayer

The Heart of A Boy

The Ladder of Manhood

Introducing the Engaging Deaf Men Project


Be A Man



From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW, LLMSW



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