To my Readers: Thanks for a Great 2012 from Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW

Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian’s 2012 Rewind

To my Readers: Thanks for a Great 2012 from Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW

Whether you’re new to my notes, are a consistent reader, or have shared my posts across social networks, I appreciate your readership and involvement. I’m looking forward to sharing more content with you next year as my journey continues.

For my final note for 2012, I’d like to take a stroll down memory lane and review some of the posts you loved. Here are some of the most popular notes of 2012 by page views each month.


To Serve–Taking out time to observe Martin Luther King Jr.’s holiday each year is very important to me. Here I share some reflections on the day.

A Simple Message: Happy New Year–Happy New Year from an Aspiring Humanitarian.



The People Who Inspire Series: Nuala Cabral–This Educator, Filmmaker, and Activist is doing great things. Learn about her!



For Men: 10 Top Tips to End Rape–In case you missed it.

On Social Work In Society: For me, it all comes back to Ubuntu–I had the honor of writing an opinion piece about the role of Social Work in society for World Social Work Day. Read my notes and share your thoughts.

The People Who Inspire Series: Lumas Helaire–Read about the work of Dr. Lumas Helaire, educator and humanitarian.



“When You Get Give, When You Learn, Teach”–I had the honor of giving a Guest Lecture on Social Work and working with people with developmental disabilities at Oakland University’s Social Work Program. Read my notes and share your thoughts.

“I just want to be Helped and be a Helper”–Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian Year One Complete. My 1st annual address.



The People Who Inspire Series: Kayla Mason“Sometimes it’s better to step out into the world and see what you can do with what you have.”

“Aloof Politics are Not Revolutionary”: The People Who Inspire Series: David B. Green Jr.–“Gay rights are civil rights and human rights. Now run and tell that. The End.”

Letter to the “Editor”–existential musings on the path in search of truth.



An (N.A.H.) Series: Lessons from Life’s Classroom–Because sometimes, small things can teach us large lessons.

Remember Something New Everyday: Lessons from Life’s Classroom–We are all works in progress.

The People Who Inspire Series: Elana Weinstein–Read about Elana’s work with The Bottomless Toychest.



Sometimes it’s good things don’t work out. Lessons from Life’s Classroom–I write to you, and to myself as well in this inspirational reminder.

Social What?–Social Work. What can you do with an MSW?

“To Create a Culture of Love”. The People Who Inspire Series: Zarinah El-Amin Naeem“When people are able to interact with each other, and have meaningful conversations, we find that the fear and hatred between them greatly diminishes. Building bridges to me, means creating a venue for that interaction to occur.”



Are YOU a Community Organizer?–If many of these statements are true for you, then you just might have the makings of a community organizer!

Skills for Entrepreneurship: One thing I wish I’d learned in Social Work School–Combining the words “Social Justice” and “Business” doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

“One thing I wish I’d learned in Social Work School”: A Follow-Up–I took the conversation to my colleagues on LinkedIn. Here are some things they wish they’d learned while pursuing their degrees in Social Work.

Challenging Beliefs that Promote Domestic Violence: An OU Interview with Relando part 3–The third piece of a 7 part interview series, I write briefly about my involvement with Better Choices, a program dedicated to helping the male perpetrators of domestic violence to use productive non-abusive methods to resolve conflicts.

Equity through Non-Violent Communication and Social Action: An OU Interview with Relando part 7–The final installment of a 7 part interview series where I write about the message I try to convey in my work.



Reader’s Choice: Racial Discrimination in the Workplace: On Hair Politics–Fears held by people of color about discrimination in the workplace based on their appearance are very real and have real consequences.

A Valuable Resource: The Social Worker as a Consultant Series–Are you a Social Worker looking to branch out on your own in an entrepreneurial way? Read these tips.

Aspiring Humanitarian Joins Efforts to End Street Harassment–Read about my involvement with the non-profit organization  Stop Street Harassment.

“How to Change the World”–Consistency is key.



Playing Oppression Olympics Gets Us Nowhere on the Road to Equity–It’s not productive and does more harm than good. Read this post and share your thoughts.

3 Ways to be an Effective Ally against Street Harassment–Want to be an ally in the fight to end gender based street harassment? Read these tips.



Four Corners of Bullying: Towards Breaking the Cycle–Here’s a great exercise to start meaningful conversations toward action against bullying at your school or in your community.

Reinvention & Mentorship as Keys to Success: The People Who Inspire Series: Joseph Bostic Jr.— Read about the Retention Frontiers mentorship program and some of the amazing things Joseph Bostic Jr. and his team of mentors are doing for young people in their community.

Fighting Sex Trafficking from the Front Lines: The People Who Inspire Series: Sarah Elizabeth Pahman–read the thoughts of a Social Worker on the front lines of trauma work.



On Communication: Duplicates vs Complements–Duplicates or Complements? Which do you prefer? Read and share your thoughts.

On Communication: Debate vs Dialogue–Finding yourself stuck in a conflict? You may need to change the way you’ve been communicating.

Promoting Hope, Love, Happiness, and Success for All: The People Who Inspire Series: Vanity Ellis“The most important key to my success so far has been introspection. Taking time to get to know myself, learn and shape my own values and beliefs, and examining where I fit into the world around me has really helped me to forge my path in life..”

From FAANMail: Women of Color Activists Target UMG, Clear Channel, Media Corporations–This dedicated group of women of color take corporations to task who profit from the objectification  and degradation of women of color.

“How Black Hair Matters”–Check out this great conversation about the politics of hair from the Melissa Harris Perry show, read some of my thoughts, and share your own.

Happy Holidays from (N.A.H.)–Happy Holidays from an Aspiring Humanitarian


Those were some of the highlights from 2012. You can view the full archives by selecting the month from the sidebar on the right. See you next year!

Grace & Peace,

From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW



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