Silence is Affirmation, Complicity

For White People Who Want To Work Against Racism

Silence is Affirmation, Complicity

Silence is Affirmation, Complicity

Are you a person who is white who wants to work against racism? An article at the Huffington Post lists 18 things you can do every day.

“(1) Stop being the first person to talk at every meeting; stop being the person we hear from the most. Listen. Listen more. Listen when you are uncomfortable.

(3) Stop segregating around race and class so that the only people of color in your life are either service providers or service recipients. Put yourself in a position to have your thinking and your practices challenged by leaders and peers of color and low-income peers.

(5) Advocate for hiring in your workplace or community to address the systemic racism that maintains a supermajority of white people in positions of power (board, executive staff, tenured positions, management). Insist that your workforce (especially leadership) mirror the racial distribution in your community or your constituency.

(8) Challenge racial profiling and police brutality in your neighborhood, school, township, or city. Interrupt practices you observe. Push for citizen oversight. Speak out. Organize.”

Visit the full article: 18 New Year’s  Resolutions to Fight Racism


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW, LLMSW



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