On Expanding The Profile of Privilege

In his acceptance speech of the 2014 James Neubacher award, MSW Candidate Lloyd Shelton talks about the intersection of race, disability, and other social identities, and importance of expanding the profile of privilege and access to include all people.


From Aspiring Humanitarian, Relando Thompkins, MSW, LLMSW



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I’m a Social Justice Educator and Aspiring Humanitarian who is interested in conflict resolution, improving intergroup relations, and building more equitable and inclusive communities.

“Notes from an Aspiring Humanitarian” is my blog, where I write about issues of diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. By exploring social identities through written word, film & video, and other forms of media, I hope to continue to expand and enrich conversations about social issues that face our society, and to find ways to take social action while encouraging others to do so as well in their own ways.

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2 Responses

  1. NASW - Alabama Chapter says:


    My name is Dawn Ellis-Murray, and I am the Executive Director of NASW-Alabama Chapter. I just was so very moved by your conversation about Profile Of Privilege and the need for commitment and re-invigoration for the those causes that we as social workers stand for and strive to change! I am very interested in what you have to say, and believe that you have a true commitment to the profession at large. We are currently finalizing plans for our upcoming Annual Conference and Advocacy Day, and I would like to invite you to our Annual State Conference & Advocacy Day as a Featured Guest Speaker. The event is scheduled to take place on March 4-5, 2015 at the Embassy Suites Hotel Conference Center, which is located in Historic Downtown Montgomery, AL. This Conference will pay homage to two very important milestone Anniversaries that are truly meaningful to Social Workers nationwide – the events that took place over 50 years ago with the Selma to Montgomery March, and the 60th year Anniversary for the National Association of Social Work (NASW) – both truly exemplary testaments of making Social Change through Advocacy!

    The Theme of this year’s Conference is: “Social Workers Paving The Way For Change!” Based upon your expertise, knowledge, and commitment to Social Justice, NASW-Alabama Chapter would consider it an honor for you to address our Attendees, expressing to them the importance of reflection and re-invigoration of one’s personal awareness in an effort to reignite the fire and passion that drives the Social Work Profession to pave the way for change – one step at a time, one milestone at a time, one life at a time.

    I do appeal to you to make another investment to the cause – uniting with the Change Makers of Social Work in solidarity to reinforce the foundation upon which we stand, and to reaffirm our commitment to Social Justice and to those that it serves. Please note that we are a small nonprofit organization, but value your investment of time in our cause, and would be pleased to speak with you further with regard to your minimum honorarium request and necessary amenities. We truly value your consideration and participation in this worthwhile cause and event.

    Your consideration and response to this invitation is greatly anticipated and appreciated by January 30, 2015. I would love to share your platform and charge with Social Workers here in Alabama. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks for all you do in solidarity –

    Dawn A. Ellis-Murray, MSW, MPA, LGSW
    Executive Director, NASW-AL Chapter

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